What To Know When Visit Your Gynecologist

If you are a woman, one thing to never put off to the side or take lightly is a visit to your gynecologist. There is no need to feel any embarrassment or hesitation because this is a normal checkup that every woman must take care of. There is nothing you have that every other woman doesn’t have!

Make sure you do not choose your gynecologist without doing some research. Talk to your female friends and co-workers, who do they suggest? You want to find someone you can trust and not be afraid to voice your potential concerns.

To prepare yourself properly for your visit to gynecologist Brooklyn you will need to do some homework, but do not worry, it is completely easy!

Here are a group of various questions that you might want to think about before coming to your appointment. Make sure you write them down because it would be such an unfortunate thing to have many great questions and then forget all about them.

1. How often should I be making an appointment with you?

2. What kind of wash would be best for me to use?

3. Is there anything that looks/smells out of the norm?

4. When should I get a pap-smear done?

5. When should I get an STD test(s) done?

6. Is it safe to have sex while I’m on my period?

7. I’m itchy.

8. I’m having a lot of daily discharge, is that normal?

9. How soon after I get a wax can I have sex?

10. When would be the best time for me to get pregnant during my cycle?

11. It hurts when I have sex.

12. Every time I sneeze, I end up peeing a little.

13. How can I tell if I am not healthy down there?

14. What are the symptoms I should be aware of for STDs and HIV?

15. I haven’t gone through menopause yet.

16. I can’t get pregnant and have been trying for months.

Be prepared to talk about your menstrual cycles, any abnormalities with bleeding or cramping. Also, have a good idea of when your last cycle was and be aware if you are having your period every month, or are the days fluctuating quite a bit. Is there a history of cancers or other diseases in your family? Do you want children, and if so, is it still possible? How is my egg count?

The above questions are merely suggestions for the things you should be thinking about when you make your appointment with gynecologist Brooklyn. There are no inappropriate or embarrassing questions when it comes to your health, your body, and your sex life. We know these questions are important because we have them too. We have answers, all you have to do is ask.

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